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How UPS Rate Increase 2021 Will Affect Your Shipping Co...

Last year was tough for the shipping industry causing many businesses to be more considerate than ever when planning for their 2021 transportation budget. One consideration to include in your planning is the general rate increase (GRI) of significant carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS.   About the UPS GRI 2021  On December 27, 2020, UPS Ground, Air, and International services, along with … Continue reading “How UPS Rate Increase 2021 Will Affect Your Shipping Costs”

LTL Freight Shipping Guide

What is LTL Freight? LTL Freight is usually a shipment ranging from 1 to 6 pallets, crates, oversized parcels or other shipping units that don’t fill up a freight carrier’s truck. A shipment over 7 units is usually considered a partial to full truckload shipment and is priced differently than smaller LTL freight shipments. Shipping … Continue reading “LTL Freight Shipping Guide”

Delivering Love: How Does Valentine’s Day Logisti...

If modern Cupid had to be embodied, physically, it would look like one of the world’s global supply chain networks. Today, especially amidst the global pandemic, it’s hard to deliver love without logistics. Flowers, cards, and chocolates are the first thing you might associate with the holiday of love. Ironically, delivering these signs of warm … Continue reading “Delivering Love: How Does Valentine’s Day Logistics Work?”

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